Online users showing Offline


For problems such as:
- Online users are displayed as Offline
- I am Unable to view other users in my User List.
- I am only able to view all Users on refresh.

Please make sure the following steps are working :

1. Check the Firewall. If you have installed a Firewall (Windows XP SP2, Zone Alarm etc) in your computer, the Security Alert Warning will pop-up immediately on running OMessenger. Please Unblock/Enable/Allow OMessenger in the Firewall Security Alert pop-up warning, otherwise OMessenger cannot run in the network computers.

If a Security Alert Warning does not popup during installation, you can manually configure your Firewall to run OMessenger.

Windows Firewall
How to Configure Windows Firewall for OMessenger?

MAC OS X Firewall
How to Configure MAC OS X Firewall for OMessenger?


If OMessenger is already in Exception list, remove it & add it again. Also, make sure the user is not filtered out in your settings.

2. Make sure all users in your network are using same version of OMessenger.

3. Check the IP Address of your computer, in OMessenger Settings, Network Tab, is correct. If your system has multiple IP Addresses assigned, make sure the correct LAN IP Address (or VPN IP Address) is selected.

4. Make sure the "Use Terminal Service Tool" option in Network Tab is not selected, if your OMessenger is not running as a Terminal Services Client.

5. Please make sure all users are in the same LAN. If you have people in other subnets, make sure you have completed the following Instructions .

6. Check network users can PING one another. It is recommended that all network computers have static IP Addresses.
If ANY computer in your network has a Dynamic IP Address (i.e. Obtains an IP Address Automatically), make sure ALL computers are set to have Dynamic IP Addresses.

7. If you have already purchased OMessenger, Please make sure you have purchased sufficient User Licenses for the number of Users. For Example, if you have purchased a 20 User License, only 20 users will be displayed Online.

8. Try using the Server Tool even if you have single a network. Make sure Server is running in Central Server Mode for more reliable communication.