Virtual Private Network

VPN Multiple Network
1. TheServer Tool is running in
2. All users should provide the Server IP Address in OMessenger Settings > Network .
3. Make sure VPN Adapter / IP Address is selected in OMessenger Settings > Network
4. The Server Tool helps to link users and updates your OMessenger users list.

I. Install Server / Server Pro:
1. Install the Server Tool, on any one computer. Click here for more details.
2. Server will run as a Windows Service named "OMessenger Server".
3. If you have any firewall installed, add OMessengerServerService.exe in the exception list. Click here for more details.
4. Run Server Manger.
5. Click Server Configuration, Select either Lite Server or Central Server Mode.
      - Lite Server Mode just helps to link users. Data transfer will be made directly between users.(not recommended for VPN)
      - Central Server Mode helps to link users & also ALL communications will be made via Server.(Recommended)

6. Then, Select the listen at IP Address for the Server, which can be reached by all clients.
7. Click "Save & Restart Server"

II. Install OMessenger:
1. Install OMessenger Installer on each computer in your network.
2. If you have any firewall installed, add OMessenger.exe in the exception list. Click here for more details.
3. On the first run of Outlook Messenger, you will see the below window:

  - Display Name : Enter your name to be displayed in Outlook Messenger. 
  - Group Name : You can select an existing group name OR enter a new group name.
  - Network Card Selection : If you have Static a Network IP Address, select the network card related to your LAN.
For Dynamic IP Address(i.e Obtain an IP Address automatically),  Select the Host Name option.
4. Then, Click OK.
5. The User List window will open.

6. Right click the User List, and then click Settings.
7. In the Settings window, click the Network Tab and provide the Server IP Address or Host Name.

8. Click OK to close the Settings window.
9. In the User List window, you can view the Server status icon in running status.

Make sure Server is running in the mentioned IP Address and also check your firewall.
10. Users connected in Server will be displayed in User List.