Chat Server Account


OMessenger Chat Server Application is hosted on our dedicated Server. The Chat Server Application helps to link your multiple Servers and also remote OMessenger users, using Internet. More Details
You need to sign up for a Chat Server Account, to connect with Chat Server.

You can only sign up for a Chat Server Account after purchasing OMessenger Packs. A Chat Server Account is optional & OMessenger functions well without Chat Server for LAN / Multiple Sub networks / VPN.

Hosted Chat Server Account
Plan Maximum Transfer Limit
Amount(USD) / Month
Bronze 2 GB / month 14$ / month
Silver 5 GB / month 29$ / month
Gold 15 GB / month 49$ / month
All bytes transferred through Chat Server (both in & out) will be considered as Data Transfer in Billing Calculations. You will not be charged for data transferred within your Local Network.

Free Trial Offer available for existing OMessenger Customers.
Click here to Sign up for a Chat Server Trial Account.