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Secure and Private Instant Messaging Solution for all business

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Hey! I can do
Instant Messaging,
File Transfer,
Remote Desktop,
Voice Chat
in office network
With Server Pro,
AD/LDAP integration,
Plugins Support with SDK,
Messaging from anywhere,
Live Support & more
are also possible.
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Available in: windows | mac | linux | android | iPhone | iPad
Total Downloads: 764,986 from Oct 14, 2004
  Version 7, 20 days fully functional trial


Instant Messenger to chat on LAN / WAN, Multiple Sub networks & Terminal Service Clients.

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Messenger for office communication between Virtual Private Network Users & Local Area Network Users.

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Smart Link your multiple office branch & remote users through internet by using Server pro / Chat Server Account

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"OMessenger" the leading provider of instant messaging and collaboration software since 2004

  • Personal & Group Messaging, Voice Communication, Transfer Files Securely and Safely within Single and Remote Offices from anywhere in the world.
  • Peer-to-Peer Server-less technology ideal for small businesses and home users, and Client/Server architecture ideal for large corporates.
  • Server Pro offers array of features such as Server Pro Manager, Office Wall, Live Support, Ombro, Ommobi, Web Admin
  • Cluster Server will be useful for providing Customer Support to clients, link multiple branch Server Pro users.
  • Packed with seamless features and easy customization with enormous flexibility to meet each business's specific needs.
  • Quick installation and Ready to Use in less than a minute.
  • Lightweight, Power-full and Fast and Integrable.
  • SDK tool allows user to develop custom plugin that meets their specific needs.
  • Lifetime License, Onetime Cost, Free Upgrades, Unlimited Support
  • Available on all the platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile, Android, iPhone, iPad, Web Browser).
IM Features
  • With or Without Server
  • Instant Messaging
  • Group Chat
  • File Transfer
  • Cross Platform
  • Offline Messaging
  • Internal Mailing
  • Remainder, Notes
  • Announcement
  • Remote Desktop
  • Internet not required
  • Chat History Logs
  • Voice Chat

With Server Pro
  • AD/LDAP User Authentication
  • User & Group Management with permissions
  • Plugins to Enhance
  • Android Application
  • iPhone Application
  • iPad Application
  • Web Browser Client
  • Mobile Browser Client
  • Live Support Plugin
  • Office Wall Plugin
  • SDK to develop Custom Plugin

Why OMessenger ?

OMessenger is a Communication tool especially designed for Small, Midsize and Enterprise-level Organizations to facilitate Communication and File sharing among employees or colleagues, using the local network of the office.

This Corporate Messenger is an ideal replacement to using unsecured and unregulated messages over public Instant Messaging networks (yahoo, msn, gtalk, skype) for business use.

Intranet Messaging offers a real-time collaboration that improves efficiency and productivity by enabling users to communicate with their colleagues within single or multiple offices from anywhere in the world.

A Light weight,
Power-full, Fast and integrable

This Network Messaging features include Personal and Group Messaging, File Transfer, VoIP Voice Communication, Offline Message, Remote Desktop Sharing, Internal Mail, Remainders and Alert Notes.

Available on all the platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile, Android, iPhone, iPad, Web Browser) users can benefit from its functions anywhere.

The Office Messenger adopts peer-to-peer Server-less technology, that requires No Server and No Internet connection, and it is compatible in LAN, Terminal Services, Sub-Network, VPN, WAN, Wi-Fi networks.

+ Server Pro

Server Free & Pro adds power to OMessenger with a centralized Chat Server for Reliable Communication.

With Server Pro main office, all branch offices and mobile users to connect and communicate between each another.

Server Pro offers array of features such as "Office Wall" serving as an Announcement / Bulletin board, "OMmobi" gets OMessenger in browser of all Office PC, Tablet and Smartphone devices, "Web Admin" to manage the Software from anywhere.

Lifetime License, Onetime Cost, Free Upgrades

OMessenger can be purchased through a single, reasonably priced, one-time-only license fee. You can upgrade to the new version absolutely free of cost. Extra license for additional computers can be purchased in future by upgrading the license pack. OMessenger is committed to uncompromising excellence in customer support via email for both registered and unregistered users.