Requirements & Installation

1. What are the minimum requirements?
OMessenger is a Cross Platform LAN communication tool. OMessenger will work in Windows 9X, NT, ME, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, MAC & Linux. With or without Outlook 2000/2002(XP)/2003/2007 .
No Internet Connection is needed.
2. How to install OMessenger ?
Download OMessenger Installer from here and save it in your computer. Exit all applications to ensure a safe installation. You will need to run the installer on all of the Network computers (LAN/VPN Computers) you wish to use with the OMessenger program. We recommend installation by the Administrator.
3. What details should be considered when OMessenger is run for the first time.
On start up, you will be asked your Display Name, the Group you wish to be listed under & your Gender. You wil also be asked to select the Network Adapter to be used by OMessenger to communicate in the related network. Please make sure the Firewall is not blocking OMessenger.
4. How to add Users in OMessenger?
OMessenger is smart enough to automatically add other users in your local network.
To display Sub network & VPN Network OMessenger Users:
If you have multiple networks / sub networks, use the OMessenger Server Tool or the Broadcast tool,Click Here for further details.
If you have a Virtual Private Network, Click Here
5. Can OMessenger run in the Terminal Server / Citrix Environment?
Yes. For this, you need to install the Terminal Service Tool in Server.
Then, in OMessenger Settings > Network Tab > Select Terminal Service option for users running under Terminal Server.Click here for more details.
6. What is the OMessenger Server Tool?
OMessenger Server Tool is a tiny server tool, which helps to link users to your omessenger users list. This tool is an alternative for the Broadcast tool & IP Range options which are used in Sub Networks / Virtual Private Networks. OMessenger Server Tool can be also used in a single network, if you have issues with users displaying randomly on each refresh. Chat & all other communication messages will NOT be transferred through OMessenger Server.More Details.
7. How to install/update all clients under Active Directory domain from remote location ?
By using OMessenger MSI installer (you can get from downloads section), you can install via Group Policy.
8. How to set the OMessenger Server settings by default while install ?
You can pass the OMessenger Server IP Address/hostname as a command line argument of the installers.
omessengersetup.exe linkserver=
omessengersetup.msi linkserver=
This action will create the ls.cfg file with the link server IP address in the OMessenger installed folder. OMessenger.exe will use the linkserver setting by default.
You can also use defaultsettings.xml file created using Admin Tool with omessengersetup.exe. But defaultsettings.xml will not work with MSI installer.
9. What is the Terminal Service Tool?
Terminal Service tool helps OMessenger to run in the Terminal Server / Citrix environment. Need to install Terminal Service tool in the Server and OMessenger instance running in the server should have.More Details
10. Do I need an Online Hosted Chat Server Account to use OMessenger?
No. Online Hosted Chat Server is an optional Server tool to connect your muliple OMessenger Servers, remote OMessenger Clients & Mobile OMessenger Users. To use OMessenger in LAN/VPN, Online Hosted Chat Server is NOT needed.
11. Will OMessenger only work when Microsoft Outlook is installed?
No. OMessenger is standalone chat software. OMessenger also contains an Outlook Plug-in as an option to share your Outlook Data with other LAN users.