Trouble Shoot

1. User List: Online Users displaying as Offline? Users shown as Offline after 30 minutes ? Able to send message, but unable to receive it?
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2. Voice Chat: Getting Error "Failed to initialize voice compression manager"?
Make sure Codec is installed in Windows.
To add all the default codecs in Windows, follow these steps:

1.In the Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs.

2.On the Windows Setup tab, click Multimedia or Sounds and Multimedia, and then click Details.

3.Click the Audio Compression and Video Compression check boxes to select them, and then click OK.
3. Chat: My Chat message reaches a wrong user. Why?
This issue may arise if your network is configured to have both static & dynamic IP address.
Try to make sure all network computer have static IP-Address or
In OMessenger Settings > Network Tab, select the “Default IP Address” option.
4. Chat: New Chat windows are always minimized to the tray instead of popping up. Why?
In Settings > Other Tab, make sure the "Minimize new popup Chat Windows" option is not selected.
5. Offline Users: Why are some offline users duplicated?
UserName@hostname is the identification used to deliver users Offline messages. If a user is logged in to multiple computers his identification, user@hostname, will be displayed multiple times. You can right click & remove unnecessary offline users. If a user remains offline for three days he will be cleared automatically.
6. Admin Tool : On clicking the Admin icon, Admin Tool is not loading. Why ?
It is related to windows permission. You can start OMessenger.exe by right click > Run as Administrator.
7. Terminal Service: When TS users are idle or minimize the Terminal window, it makes them go “offline”. Why?
In Windows, you need to enable the Keep Alive setting for Terminal Service Users, since when Idle, TS will be in disconnected state.
Details regarding keep alive :
8. Outlook Plug-in: OMessenger tool bar has not been added in my Microsoft Outlook. Why?
In your OMessenger Settings, make sure the "Microsoft Outlook Plug-in" option is selected.
If it is already selected, unselect it, and click Apply.
Re-select the"Microsoft Outlook Plug-in" option and& click Ok.
For Outlook 2000, XP, 2003: You can also try removing the OMessenger Plug-in (Microsoft Outlook, Tools >> Options >> Other>> Advanced Options >> COM Add-ins, Uncheck & Remove "OMessenger") and then enable the Settings option again.
9. Registration: Although I have already entered the license key, on restart OMessenger asks for the License Key again?
Due to security software or Windows User rights, OMessenger is unable to save the license key in the registry. Try to register by logging in as an Administrator.
10. Uninstall: After Uninstall, why does OMessenger still load on windows startup?
You need to exit OMessenger before uninstalling.
11. Uninstall: After Uninstall, I get the following message when opening Microsoft Outlook, "Error in starting Outlook messenger"?
In Microsoft Outlook, Tools >> Options >> Other >> Advanced Options >> COM Add-ins, Uncheck & Remove "OMessenger"