Server Pro

1. Why I need to purchase OMessenger Server pro?
OMessenger Server Pro turns your OMessenger to more powerful & productive.
With OMessenger Server Pro, you can:
- Create & Manage User Accounts/Groups
- Remote Authorized Users can connect through internet
- Active Directory Integration
- Centralized Settings & Logs
- Plugins Support
- API Classes to customize & extend the features
For feature comparison, please click here.
2. Does OMessenger Server Pro is one time Pricing?
Yes. You only need to pay for OMessenger Server pro once and you get Life Time updates free.
3. How to install OMessenger Server pro ?
Please check this page for more details
4. Which ports are used by OMessenger Server Pro?
OMessenger Server Pro TCP Port: 14221
Plugins Default TCP Port: 14220
5. What are the databases supported by LinkServerPro ?
By default, SQLCE4+(Microsoft SQL Server Compact) database will be used. Option to switch to Microsoft Sql Server.
6. What is the default username and password for Administrator ?
The default username is "admin" & default password is "admin". After logging in first time, you are strongly recommended to change.
7. What is the difference between Administrator & Manager ?
Both Administrator & Manager role users are authorized to access OMessenger Server Pro Manager.
There will be only one administrator user account, who is created by default. This default account cannot be deleted. Whereas there can be multiple Manager level users & also deletable.
8. How Group restrictions affects the communication ?
Based on Group Restrictions users will be filtered & allowed to communicate.
For example,
To allow "Group A" users to send messages only to "Group B" & "Group C" and filter rest all groups.
- In "Group A" screen, select "Group B" & "Group C" with Allow option.
(Note: This will not impact Group B & Group C Users)

To restrict "Group A" users to communicate only with "Group B" & also "Group B" users should communicate only with "A"
- In "Group A" screen, select "Group B" with Allow option.
- In "Group B" screen, select "Group A" with Allow option.

To allow "Group A" users to send messages to all groups other than "Group B" & "Group C"
- In Group A screen, select "Group B" & "Group C" with Deny option.
(Note: This will not impact Group B & Group C Users)
9. How to integrate Active Directory/LDAP ?
Please click here for details.
10. Why I need Plugins for OMessenger Server Pro ?
Plugins enhance the functionality of OMessenger Server Pro.
Click here for a list of available plugins.
To develop custom plugin, please check the development guide.
11. How to register OMessenger Server Pro in a computer ?
On OMessenger Server Pro purchase, you will receive a Registration key exclusively for OMessenger Server Pro.
In OMessenger Server Configuration screen you can apply that Registration Key.
12. How can I connect OMessenger Server Pro from Internet ?
Please click here for details.
13. Not able to start OMessenger Server Service. Why ?
Please try the following:
- Exit LinkServerManager (if running).
- Right-Click LinkServerProManager.exe, Click "Run As Administrator".
- Now you can start the LinkServerPro Service.

If still not started, make sure the trial version is not expired.
14. What is Cluster OMessenger Server ?
Please click here for details.
15. How to set the OMessenger Server settings by default while installing OMessenger ?
You can pass the OMessenger Server IP Address/hostname as a command line argument of the installers.
omessengersetup.exe linkserver=
omessengersetup.msi linkserver=
This action will create the ls.cfg file with the link server IP address in the OMessenger installed folder. OMessenger.exe will use the linkserver setting by default.
You can also use defaultsettings.xml file created using Admin Tool with omessengersetup.exe. But defaultsettings.xml will not work with MSI installer.