Server Service Tool

Server Service Tool

Server Tool to link users

Server is a free add-on tool for OMessenger, which can be used for a Virtual Private Network & a Sub Network Office.
Server Tool can also be used in a single network, if you have problems with users displaying randomly on each refresh

Server can run in:
Lite Server Mode - Helps to link users. Data transfer is made directly between users (not recommended for VPN). OR
Central Server Mode - helps to link users. Also ALL communications are made via Server (Recommended for VPN & large networks).

How to use Server:
1. Install OMessenger Server on a system in your main network.
2. Make sure Server service is added in the firewall exception list. If needed, open TCP Port 14221, which is used by Server Service.
3. ALL OMessenger clients need to put the IP address of the computer running the Server Tool in
OMessenger Settings > Network (Tab) > Server IP Address / Host Name.
4. Users who have provided this same Server IP Address will be displayed online and able to communicate.
5. Users who have NOT provided the Server IP Address will have problems with users displaying online & communication OR will not be displayed online nor be able to communicate.
If Server Service is stopped or there is a connection failure, Sub network / VPN /Other Network users linked by Server will be displayed Off-line. Only Local Network users will be displayed Online.

Also check Server Pro for advanced features.