OMessenger ScreenShots

UserList Users List
The main User List screen displaying Users with their personal message & live status.
Chat Window Instant Messaging
Rich text chatting with Interactive features including: emoticons, pre-set messages, Sealed message delivery.
Group Chat Group Chat
Group discussions can be arranged among a particular group or between selected users.
Announcement Announcement
Announcement can be used, if you want to deliver an instant message, to which the recipient need not reply. Announcement messages will pop-up in a display only window.
Mail Mail
OMessenger Mail is used to a send message as mail, so not pop-up like chat messages, instead they will be stored in the Mailbox & new mail alert will be displayed in the Sys-tray.
Preset Message Pre-set Messages
For quick chatting, you can assign hot keys to your own Pre-set messages.
Message History Message History
A detailed log file is maintained in your Computer showing the list of interactions you have made with other users.
Reminders Reminders
OMessenger provides an exclusive 'Reminder' Function which can perform functions such as: Remind yourself, Remind other users, Run application, Open Website, Logoff Computer, Shut down computer, Reboot computer at the scheduled time.
Notes Notes
You can maintain small notes for future reference or for the reference of your colleague/ steno / personal assistant. One advanced feature of notes is its ability to pop-up during the next computer boot up or OMessenger login.

OMessenger Plug-in Toolbar
OMessenger can be plugged into Microsoft Outlook to share your Outlook Emails, Contacts, Appointments, Journals, Notes, and Tasks with other MS Outlook Single or Multiple users within an Office network.