Quick Start

1. The Server Pro Tool is running in
2. Create & Manage Users using Server Pro manager.
3. Client users need to add the Server IP Address in OMessenger Settings & Login to connect with Server.
4. The Server Tool helps to link Authorized users of LAN & Internet.

I. Install Server Pro:
1. Install the Server Tool, on any one computer. more details.
2. Server will run as a Windows Service named "OMessenger Server".
3. Configure your Router, to allow remote office users to connect Server Pro through internet.more details.
4. If you have any firewall installed, add OMessengerServerService.exe in the exception list. more details.
5. Run OMessenger Server Pro Manger.(Right click OMessengerServerProManager.exe > Run as Administrator, to avoid any permission issues)
6. Need to add Users & Groups. Active Directory users can also be imported.
7. Start OMessenger Server Pro Service.

II. Install OMessenger:
1. Install OMessenger Installer on each computer in your network.
2. If you have any firewall installed, add OMessenger.exe in the exception list. Click here for more details.
3. In Outlook Messenger User List window, right click and then click Settings
4. In the Settings window, click the Network Tab and provide the Server IP Address. To connect through internet, provide Public IP Address of Server.

5. Click OK to close the Settings window.
6. In the User List window, you can view the Login Screen.
7. Login using the User Account registered with Server Pro Manager.

8. Authorized Users connected with Server Pro will be displayed in User List.